Software Development Firm Twentyseven Global Makes Predictions for DevOps in 2017

DevOps proved to be more than just a buzzword among software developers in 2016. As the need to get to market faster increased, many companies reaped the benefits of DevOps strategies this past year.

Twentyseven Global is already implementing a DevOps approach to streamline processes. Matt Henley, vice president of client service in Kansas City, said, “Almost everything we are doing these days has a DevOps component to it. Like all quality engineering, it is born out of a need to be more efficient.”

In 2017, the team at Twentyseven Global expects that DevOps processes are likely to undergo security improvements, containerization and consolidation.

According to Tech Republic, 2017 will bring unity among development, security and operations. While DevOps is designed to improve the quality of applications, when implemented properly, DevOps can also improve the quality of the organization using it. Although DevOps technically only refers to development and operations, security needs to become a priority for 2017 as well. As microservices continue to evolve and grow in popularity, it could become easier for developers to build in security features without sacrificing the user experience.

An increase in the use of containers is also predicted for 2017. According to App Developer Magazine, container-based platforms allow mobile app development to run alongside traditional and other microservices-based applications. This streamlines processes and can help reduce the cost of mobile app development and deployment. It is likely that more enterprises will begin running workloads on container platforms like AWS ECS, Kubernetes, DCOS, and Docker Datacenter. Container usage is also likely to increase as tools become more secure and the containers start to consolidate using orchestration tools.

The DevOps tools market also needs a vast amount of consolidation due to consumer demand and the volume of companies looking to develop a software platform. The rapid growth of DevOps tools has made it easier to integrate all of them effectively. In order to simplify the process, developers should select a few of the best tools and then try to combine as many functions as possible into these tools.D

DevOps will continue to be a go-to tactic for Twentyseven Global moving forward. Henley added, “A quality DevOps process increases accuracy, reduces production defects and speeds time to market. It also makes it exceedingly easy for the software developers to interact with systems administration and managed service teams.”

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