Report: Significant Increase of Test Automation in Software Development

The software development landscape in 2017 is more fast-paced than ever before. The industry is evolving and advancing so quickly that manual testing of software is no longer cutting it. According to SD Times, the Wipro Limited’s State of Quality 2016 study found that more businesses are opting for test automation to keep up with their competitors. In fact, the study revealed there was an 85 percent jump in test automation over the last two years.


The recent boost in test automation could be attributed to the rise of Agile methodologies, DevOps and continuous delivery. These digital transformation processes are putting pressure on the testing phase to keep up with the faster pace of development. As a result, automating the testing process can help companies cut down time and costs while maintaining speed and agility.


An increase in the amount of open-source automation tools on the market have also made it easier and cheaper for companies to leverage test automation tools. According to the report, the demand for open-source tools over commercial tools has increased by 116 percent over the past two years.


In addition, the report found web applications require more performance testing when compared to any other platform. According to App Developer Magazine, 73 percent of all performance testing can be credited to the testing of web applications. Finally, the study revealed a decreased interest in performance engineering and an increased focus on quality engineering.


One thing is clear, the increase in automated software testing signifies a shift from defect detection to defect prevention. This signals a move to ensure quality development and prevent defects right from inception, well into the future.

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