Women Who Code: 27 Global Highlights Its Offshore Development Team

All around the world, women are receiving more access to education and job opportunities than ever before. That said, women still only occupy 26 percent of all computing professions in the U.S., according to the National Center for Women and Information Technology. With a shortage of trained tech employees in the U.S. and around the world, women are becoming vital to the future of STEM professions.

Twentyseven Global is proud to employ some of the most talented women in technology, both in the United States and overseas. In fact, 22 percent of our offshore development team, located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, is made up women. The majority of these women are programmers, and the rest are business analysts or work on the quality control and project management teams. This is unique because according to Hung, a developer for the offshore team, it’s commonly perceived that men tend to better at technical vocations than women in Vietnamese culture. According to Hung, women need to “be confident and never give up when faced with a challenge” in order to follow their passions in technology and software development. Huy, another developer in on the offshore team, agreed with Hung. Huy said, “We choose it because it’s a favorite and a passion. We’re seeing the trend in career paths in and we think that we can do that.”

Twentyseven Global recognizes the talent these women have to offer, which is why we do everything we can to support them. Truc, a developer in Ho Chi Minh City, loves the educational opportunities that Twentyseven Global provides its employees. Truc said, “It provides many courses related to technical or software skills each month. They’re basic or advanced to help engineers, especially female engineers, to improve their skills. Sometimes, it also holds many seminars with interesting topics such as Machine Learning Principles or Data Science Orientation with speakers who are experts from all over the world.”

As more women enter the technology sector, it’s important they receive support and the opportunity to grow. Whether it’s in the United States or around the world, women are making a huge impact on the technology industry.

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